My cat

Pebbles the cat

It’s the Internet, after all, so I have to post something, sometime, about a cat. We have two, one for the lovely wife and one for me. And by me, I mean, ME. She is, at best, indifferent to the wife but seems to adore me.

That said, there is nothing more frustrating that being in the “zone” and having a cat demanding attention. I’ll tolerate her for a while then I usually end up yelling at her.

The other day, while I was complaining, my wife pointed out something that I had not realized.

When I become focused in that special, Asperger way, I become tense. It’s not a bad tension, it’s being in the zone.

The cat senses my tension and tries her best to relieve it.

Petting a cat does not soothe me all that much. However, knowing why she is interrupting my important work, I can make allowances. I can try to stop and take a break. It will make her feel better and I do have all that time while she naps to work.

Speaking of which…