I am an Aspergers

I am an Aspergers. I have suffered the bullying, in school and in college. I have ruined relationships by my social awkwardness. I have lost jobs because of my social awkwardness.

I have been examined by qualified doctors. I have received a battery of tests designed to diagnose my condition. I am on medication for the co-morbid conditions that accompany Aspergers in adults.

I RESENT the people who lay claim to being Aspergers without any work being done. Aspergers is a psychiatric diagnosis, not an excuse for every time you were an asshole in life or failed in a relationship. I also do NOT believe the vast numbers of women who are now claiming this place on the autism spectrum with no medical evidence.

Yes, this is my Aspergers speaking. It’s mostly black and white in here. If you really want to be Aspergers, do the work and get the diagnosis. Otherwise, stop using a very real medical condition as an excuse for your life.